Code and musings by Darshak Parikh




elementary OS app to remind you to be ergonomic

AppCenter · GitHub


Time-based OTP generator for the web

Web app · GitHub

Command Line


Yeoman generator for GitHub awesome lists

npm · GitHub


Simple CLI todo list

npm · GitHub

Educational + Experimental

Lizard-Spock API

REST API to play Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock

Swagger · GitHub

Offline digit recognition

Recognizes handwritten digits in the browser using a TensorFlow.js model saved offline

Web app · Blog post · GitHub

English-to-French translator

Final project for AI Nanodegree at Udacity; uses a bidirectional RNN to achieve 98% accuracy on the test data

Text sequence generator

Takes a line of text from The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, and generates a silly continuation

Jupyter notebook (scroll to Problem 2)

Google Summer of Code


Enhanced accuracy of English-to-Esperanto translation in Apertium, an open source machine translation program

(Apertium logo by Francis Tyers, Andrej Slapnik, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link)

Project report