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Making BCM43142 Wireless Chipset Work on Debian

So I couldn't get WiFi to work on my SolydK installation. It does come with a nifty tool called 'Device Driver Manager', but even that couldn't find a driver for my wireless chipset, the Broadcom BCM43142. Some other Broadcom drivers sure are available in the Debian repos, but this one isn't. So I did the only sensible thing to do: searched the Web. And here's the solution.

Note: I assume that you know the basics of apt-get and cd commands.

What's your chipset?

Open the terminal and run

lspci | grep BCM

and check if the output contains BCM43142. If it does, this post is for you.

Get the driver

  1. Run

    sudo apt-get install linux-headers-generic build-essential dkms broadcom-sta-modules

    If it freaks out with the first package, just skip that one.

  2. Download this deb package.

  3. cd into the directory containing the package.

  4. Install it using

    sudo dpkg -i wireless-bcm43142-dkms_6.20.55.19-1_amd64.deb
  5. Activate it.

    sudo modprobe wl
  6. Done. It should work now.

What's inside?

I haven't checked, but there's one thing I know: the person who has provided the deb package, has tweaked a copy of the driver package found inside an Ubuntu installation.